A real estate transaction can be like riding a roller coaster. You know the anticipation when you are going up up up and hit the very top and then are released and shoot down at high speeds and your stomach drops and all you can do is hold on for dear life when you hit the loopy loops. It's a great example of  what it is like to sign a contract to sell or buy a home. Each step in the process is filled with excitement, expectation, and anticipation. Sometimes it is smooth sailing from there and other times it's hurdles like the drops, twists, and turns of riding a roller coaster. You receive or submit an offer and then are on the waiting end for a response. The deal is signed and now you start packing only to find that you are negotiating inspection resolution items and it takes days to resolve. Oh, the twists and turns! Back to planning and arranging your move when the appraisal comes in low or has requirements that need to be fulfilled. Negotiating again! You work it out  and continue the journey. Title exam has just been done and there's a judgment or an unfiled quit claim from a previous divorce. There are endless and countless dilemmas and challenges that could arise in any transaction. Having a professional and experienced Realtor representing your interests is the key to surviving the ride. The right agent will become your counselor and friend giving you options and honest feedback to each step and hurdle. They have probably experienced similar situations many times and know how to handle it. Find a trusted and reputable real estate agent to work with. It allows you peace and confidence to move forward with your sale or purchase. Real Estate is the biggest investment of a lifetime. Choose your Realtor wisely and enjoy the ride.